economic consultants


 Project and programme appraisal

Sound appraisal is required to demonstrate the value for money of proposed projects and programmes. Economic impact assessment is a key element of this. However, increasingly clients are requiring our assistance in the wider appraisal of new activities. This includes: assessing the underlying rationale for specific interventions; robustness of the business case; key issues that will determine success; setting targets for outputs and impacts; and monitoring and evaluation procedures.

 Demand and market assessment

Clients may need a review of specific markets to assess whether intervention is required and what its impact could be. Our assessments cover market size and structure, main players, the importance of factors such as price, and the key elements likely to affect the market in future. Our approach typically combines secondary data, published and unpublished reports and interviews with suppliers and customers.

Alternatively, we may be asked to assess demand for new products or the need for changes to existing ones. We have considerable experience in the design, undertaking and analysis of business and consumer surveys. These can range from a small number of key businesses to literally thousands of consumers.

Client support

 We also provide a range of other support as requited. This includes:

• Ad hoc provision of research and intelligence. Increasingly this involves compiling information on a subject from a range
  of disparate sources and providing structured findings and conclusions.

• Drafting research briefs and responses to government consultations.

• Representing client interests through providing presentations and attending meetings on their behalf.