The Consultancy

Reference Economic Consultants provides economic and research services, mainly to the UK public sector. Founded in 2004, our success to date has been based on the following principles:

Rigour - Our research is thorough and objective. It is based on analysis and explanation, rather than simply the description, of economies and the impacts of public sector investments.

Knowledge - We have a sound, up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the main geographical and sectoral areas in which we work, of the data sources and techniques for research, and the needs of our clients.

Experience - We bring a wealth of research and public sector experience to our assignments. Our wide range of contacts gives us quicker access to the right information and the right people.

Getting it right first time - This ensures that resources are used effectively and that clients do not have to read a series of drafts containing incremental additions.

Value for money - We have developed a reputation for going the extra mile to fully meet clients’ needs. As a consequence, we have a high level of repeat business.

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